Food Bank : Ending Hunger, Transforming lives


‘Ending Hunger, Transforming Lives’

An Initiative of Ehsaas, Lucknow



Vision: To eliminate hunger as the cause of lack of protection and education amongst children in Uttar Pradesh


Mission: To serve the most marginalized sections of the society by making food accessible to them so that they can realize other goals of healthy living, education and safety.


What we do: The food bank is the support system for those families that struggle every day to make ends meet yet at the end of the day the food that they eat does not provide them the essential nutrition. The Food Bank works with communities’ to identify such families and support them partially so that they can lead a healthy life and invest in their upliftment. The Food Bank empowers by providing support in crisis, linking them with government programs and schemes.


How the Food Bank Works: The Food Bank is a place where food is donated by individuals, groups as well as directly by companies to the Bank. The bank works as a bridge between the community and the contributor and not just ensures the distribution of food but also ensures that the food reaches the right beneficiaries.

Each family that we support becomes a Food Bank Card holder and is not just supported by food but also linked to various other services of health, education, skill development has access to information of government programs and schemes. The beneficiaries are identified through civil society partners and community mobilizers who also monitor the families and support them regularly.  The ultimate objective being that food should not be the reason for distress and deprivation of rights of a child. Each city should have one or many such food banks that ensure that no child needs to beg on the streets for food!


Whom do we serve: The Uttar Pradesh Food Bank shall serve the economically weaker sections and primarily the following groups

-Single women with children uptil the age of 17yr. Women who have been divorced, abandoned, widowed and are raising their children alone.

– Senior citizens living alone and whose children have abandoned them

– Families where either of the parent is suffering from a terminal illness.

– Homeless persons and  children  shelter homes . OtoO


How Can You Contribute:

You can contribute by donating

– Donate in Kind :


->Packaged food such as biscuits, corn flakes etc.

– Make a monetary donation on our website

– Become a Volunteer at the food bank and help

– Become a NGO or Corporate partner


Financial Donation:

– Donate 800/- to support a family for one month

– Annual donation of 9,600/- will support a family for a year

– Make a monetary donation by clicking on the Donate Button on your Right.


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E-mail ID : Phone: +91-8400888971/990, +91 7081104228

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