SNEH VATIKA : A Project To Develop Safe Model Children Homes in Lucknow

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Juvenile Justice(Care and Protection Of Children) Act,2015 mandates the state government to setup children homes across the state to fortify it’s mission and provide shelter to the children in need of care and protection. One such shelter is Rajkiya Balika Grah at Motinagar, Lucknow. It is a government girls’ shelter working diligently for the cause of the girls in need of care. There are approximately 100 girls in the shelter who are either abandoned, abused , orphaned, runaway cases or subject to misery at some point in time in life.

Owing to Ehsaas’s expertise and persistent efforts in the field of child rights, the 3 member Juvenile Justice committee comprising High Court judges made Ehsaas the mentor organisation for Lucknow Government Girls Home in Motinagar to support the government in developing the best practice model under the Juvenile Justice(Care and Protection Of Children) Act.

This project is budding under the title ‘Sneh Vatika’. It means garden of love and affection. This title resonates with the project’s mission, wherein Ehsaas wants to nurture a world of warmth and belonging for the children in girls shelter home. It’s strategic planning revolves around rigorous staff training and team-building, well- equipped to support children . Sneh Vatika intends to provide an interface for holistic growth and development of it’s children.

The program components are as follow :

– Empowering the service providers

– Infrastructure development

– Promoting de- institutionalization through reunification and finding foster homes and parents

– Implementing JJ Act provisions eg. Individual Care Plan, Management Committee etc

– Modern Education with sports, Yoga and meditation

– Health – Physical and Mental

– Exploring and Developing creative talents of children

– Vocational training with support from private corporate sectors

– Employment : Job placement for children who are 18 years old

– Emotional and Psychological support





Nagar Nigam Shelter Home, Zone 5,
Geeta Palli, Behind Kanshiram Smarak Sthal, Lucknow 226005

F-2, Virat Khand,Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
E-mail ID : Phone: +91-8400888971/990, +91 7081104228

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