Shoaib’s Story


Shoaib was a skilled goldsmith. Shoaib is 15 years old and was a resident of Dinajpur (West Bengal). His family has been imbibing this skill in Shoaib since he was a child.

His father wanted for Shoaib to go out and work like the rest. He was sent to Lucknow to further his skills while living with his relatives.

Initially Shoaib liked all of this, but by and by, the work started seeming burdensome. He expressed a wish to go back home, but the relative did not accede (Shoaib didn’t know how to speak Hindi properly). He ran away and wandered at the railway station.

We found Shoaib at the station itself.  His father was contacted immediately and came to take his son back.

Seeing Shoaib’s condition, his father reprimanded the relatives that they had sent Shoaib here for skill-development, not to be rendered helpless. Shoaib has been reinstated at home with his father. He is now happy and learning to work in his village. We are delighted that Shoaib’s life has been saved from being plunged into darkness.

To nurture a child is the biggest responsibility of every parent. It should be our endeavor to keep children with ourselves and provide them with love and care.

Leaving a child at the disposal of others is nothing but foolishness. You never know what treatment is being dispensed to your innocent child. Therefore, do not let your child’s innocence be lost, and nestle them in the security of your parentage.

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