Salman’s Story


Salman was studying Hafizaa in a madrasa in Shahjahanpur. His father had asked for his consent for the choice of madrasa and Salman did not wish to go to this particular madrasa. Once, when the muezzin of the masjid passed away, Salman performed his responsibility for one month. He used to get up at 3 in the morning and give azaan and everyone in his locality used to call him “Hafiz”. Salman also liked this.

During his education at the madrasa, he came across many harsh realities. He saw one teacher beating up a child with a water pipe and another teacher making the child sit in the water cooler by switching on the fan. He narrated the incidents to his father but his father who turned a deaf ear. Salman had decided that he did not want to study in that madarsa anymore and in September 2013 he left his home. He reached reached the Charbagh railway station. At the station, one of the Railway official saw him and sent him to Ehsaas. Initially, Salman did not trust anyone and he told a lie that a person had dropped him from Shahjahanpur but his gestures revealed that something was not right. He lied about the death of his parents, he did not reveal his home address and phone number but his actions revealed that he was doing all this as he did not want to go home. However, a last try was made by calling to the Shahjahanpur Police station. His parents were finally contacted and that night itself, they came to pick him up from the shelter home. Salman and his parents were counseled. All the parents wanted was that their son has a good future and thus agreed to admit him to the madrasa of his choice. The C.O of Shahjahanpur decided to take action against Salman’s madrasa.

It is important that we learn to understand children. We should not ignore little things, not knowing what decision there tender minds can take. We should try to educate not only our children, but also the children around us. Undoubtedly, our s efforts will take such children to new heights.

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