Sagar’s Story


Jab nahi mili maa ki mamta naseeb mein,

Pita ne bhi nhi rakha apne dil k kareeb mein,

Takdeer me aage kya hoga bina soche nikal pada,

Aaj main khush hun kyunki apno ke beech me hun khada…

The significance of a mother’s love cannot be neglected, I was privileged to receive my mother’s love, but what about those who are not fortunate enough? This question can be answered in many ways but one fact remains the same that every child needs affection. This very need led a 13 year old boy Sagar to search for someone who can provide love and shelter to him. He was found roaming on the Charbagh Railway Station on 21st May 2012.

I have always believed that whatever happens; happens for good and this is what happened with Sagar, when he came in contact with Ehsaas . He brought to the drop-in shelter. During counseling he told us that he doesn’t have his mother and he has to do all the household chores. His father drinks and beats him so he ran away from his home. Sagar ran away earlier too. He went to his relative’s place but his father came and took him back so this time he came here and does not want to return to his home.

Keeping this in mind, we tried contacting Sagar’s relatives as well as his father but to utter dismay, even after continuous efforts of eight months we could not contact them.

After sometime, one day Sagar’s father himself came to Ehsaas searching for him. But Sagar refused to meet him. His father behaved in the same way as he used to, hence Sagar did not go with him. Then in order to get a permanent shelter for Sagar, he was presented before the Child Welfare Committee. He was given a home in Rajkiye Bal Grah, Mohaan Road.

Sagar was not happy in Bal Grah and went back to his home with his father. But within 15 days he came back to Ehsaas. Meanwhile, I developed a special affection for Sagar. Actually, for us every child who comes in Ehsaas is special and living with them, sharing every small moment develops a strong bond between us.He now lives at the Ehsaas Shelter Home.

Sagar received a lot of love and affection in Ehsaas, which was his primary need at that time and probably it was this very love that dragged him down to Ehsaas again.

Usually we put in a lot of efforts to bring a positive change in our lives but in case of Sagar it was only love that was the agent of change. In return, Sagar also gave us love and respect. Sagar now lives as a responsible child, he laughs and enjoys with everybody. Sagar has already studied till class 5 so now we are trying to admit him in a school so that he can pursue his studies further and can lead a meaningful life thereafter.

This is not the story of Sagar alone. We have so many kids around who face the same circumstances as Sagar. The bad habits of parents leave a long lasting impression on a child’s mind. Since a child can not retaliate he finds it easy to run away from such circumstances. That is why, it is the need of the hour that we maintain a congenial environment at home wherein our children feel safe and even the thought of running away from home does not come to their mind. We should remember that every child has a Sagar inside him.

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