Sachin’s Story


Sachin lives at Jagatpur block in Raibareilly and is around 8 years old. His father is a farmer and manages to sustain a moderate financial condition. Being the only child in the home, Sachin is bestowed upon with a lot of affection. One day some jealous relatives coaxed Sachin into sitting in a train.

The train brought Sachin quite far from home. Sachin wandered here and there, remaining thirsty and hungry for days. He was at loss to understand how to reach back home,and had become outright destitute.

Vagabonding, he came to Lucknow railway station. He begged or did the dishes at hotels to feed himself. In the meantime, Sachin was found by an Ehsaas worker and brought to Ehsaas drop-in point.

Having found love and belongingness here, he started forgetting his sorrow. On regaining balance, he told us about his home and family, but not finding the address told by him, Ehsaas members took Sachin to the village stated by him.

Finding his family didn’t take time once they reached Sachin’s village. His family members started crying profusely on seeing their son, after all they were seeing him after 7-8 months.  Sachin was elated on meeting his family. They blessed us. Now Sachin is living happily with his family and even goes to study.

Sachin’s parents often call to thank the organization, because of whose efforts yet another lamp got saved from extinguishment. Apart from organizations, it should be everyone’s endeavour to provide timely help to naives like Sachin.

No child deserves an unwholesome future. Let us all resolve never to overlook any helpless or downtrodden child.

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