Mustafa’s Story


Mustafa-aged 12 years was brought to Ehsaas along with other children. He always dreamt of going back home. He was again and again consoled that he will be sent back home as soon as we contact his parents. He stammered, spoke with a broken voice and as time passed he got more and more tensed. He desperately wanted to get back home, his only wish for now.

Mustafa was now lagging behind in studies. He would just sit drawing circles and random lines, paying no attention to what is taught in class. Then suddenly one day, we saw a change. A small group of children were playing, he got up and asked if he can play too. He was happy playing, he forgot that he wanted to go home, he looked free and happy.

After a few days, we also came to know that he likes to read and write, but was suffering from learning disability. He would write things in a haphazard manner which were difficult to understand. Then again he started asking- “When would I go back home”?

It was saddening to see him in pain, but we were helpless. One day , after much effort, contacts were established with his parents . He belonged to Kashmir. Happy to know that he was going back home, he ran around telling everyone the good news.

When he was about to leave, he asked me, “Didi will you come visit me”? I said yes. I was very happy that he finally got to go back home, but at the same time I would miss him. I still remember his innocent face and his lovely smile.

Even today, we can find children like Mustafa roaming on the streets, but have we ever thought of helping them out ? Maybe not. This is obviously not right. In order to have a wholesome future, we need to ensure that all move forward. Try helping at least one child, help bring a Mustafa to us, and we will help to give his life a vision and a mission.

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