Manoj’s Story

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Some time back, a child named Manoj a.k.a Girdhari Lal aged about 13-14 years came into contact of Ehsaas. He belonged to Kaligunda village in Nanpara, Behraich. He was very mischievous during his childhood and had beaten a goat which got his father infuriated. As a result of this, he was beaten by fire tongs by his father.

Angered by this incident, Manoj left his home .Although he was aware of his address and was also in contact with his family after coming in touch with Ehsaas but that incident had left so much hatred in his mind that he preferred not to go back. He rather preferred moving from pillar to post in Lucknow and Gonda to meet his ends. He used to work in hotels and sleep on the roads. In-spite of so many hardships, he did not prefer going home , not even when he heard the news of the demise of his sister.

He stayed in our organization for almost five months. A lot of efforts were made to re-unite him with his family .He took part in many workshops on life skills. He was made to realize the affection of his parents and finally he agreed to go back to his family. The volunteers themselves took him back home. On seeing his condition, his parents were in tears. Realization dawned upon them and they assured us of his proper care and responsibility. Today, Manoj lives happily with his family.

So, the moral of the story is that it is our responsibility to understand the emotions of our children and not hurt their feelings by being too harsh to them. We, as elders should have a control over our emotions and only then we would be able to control our children.



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