Madhu’s Story


Madhu is a very happy-go-lucky 11 year old girl. She lost her parents and lives with her relatives. After sometime, she came to Lucknow with her sister and brother-in-law.

Madhu had high hopes that her sister and brother-in-law would support her studies and her treatment of Leucoderma. But her hopes were shattered when her sister, instead of sending her to school, took her to different homes to work and earn livelihood. Not only this, her sister also made her do the entire household chores ranging from cooking to taking care of the kids. And when kids used to cry Madhu was beaten badly. Once her brother-in-law had beaten her so hard on the head that neighbours carried Madhu to the hospital and child helpline was called.

Madhu had to go to homes where her sister used to work. In one such home, Madhu found a friend with whom she used to play and study. But Madhu’s elder sister did not like this and she used to scold Madhu for this.

Once Madhu’s sister came scolding her and asked her to leave for work, scared Madhu told her friend that she does not want to go with her sister because they beat her and made her do all the work. Seeing Madhu crying, the landlord opposed her sister and retained Madhu. Then he contacted Ehsaas and sent Madhu to our center. We counselled her and listened to her story.

They were 7 sisters and 1 brother. All the sisters were married except her. Her parents were no more and she lived with her relatives. Then her sister took her to Lucknow saying that they would treat her for Leucoderma and would send her to school. But nothing like this happened. She displayed her desire to return to her relative’s place in Patna.

Ehsaas then tried contacting her relatives who have shifted to Jharkhand, but they don’t want to take Madhu with them. Hence, Madhu has been kept at Snehalaya Sanstha. She is currently studying there and working hard to build a better future for herself.

There are a lot of kids who lose their parents at a very early age and they long for the love and affection of their family. One such example is of Madhu who was neither adopted by her relatives nor by her sister. In such situations, we all need to be as responsible as the landlord in this story who contacted Ehsaas and gave a better future to Madhu. All such children deserve the right to a better tomorrow and we all need to support such cause.

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