Kajal’s Story


Kajal was merely 2 years old when she was in the arms of an 11 year old boy Lavkush. Distraught and baffled, Lavkush reached the Child Protection Booth of Ehsaas. He uttered that he found Kajal weeping in a train. Seeing her cry, Ehsaas workers Preeti and Seema took her in their lap and started consoling her. Lavkush further informed that Kajal was feverish too, and to take care of her medicine. He considered her as a sister, and wanted to help her.

Lavkush and Kajal were brought to the Ehsaas shelter. She was clothed, fed and brought to a hospital for medicine. A child protection manager carried little Kajal to the hospital herself to get her treated.

Lavkush suggested Maharshi Ji to let him keep Kajal with himself or let him take her with him. Maharshi Ji explicated to Lavkush that this isn’t possible – that just anybody could not take custody of a child like this. She would have to be admitted in the organization for her safety. Lavkush conceded. He inquired as to who all were with Kajal when Lavkush found her, to which Lavkush replied that he found her in the train, crying. On being asked further, he recalled that perhaps she boarded at Kanpur, and that many others were demanding to take her, but Lavkush refused and told that he would hand her over to Ehsaas alone.

With this information, Maharshi Ji commenced further procedures by filing a report in the pertinent police station via phone. It was found that a report regarding Kajal missing from a hospital in Kanpur had already been filed, detailing that the girl was suffering from fever and clad in yellow clothing. Fortunately, Kajal’s mother was successfully tracked. Next morning, an innocent girl lay happily in her mother’s lap.

Despite being a small boy, Lavkush has taught us all a valuable lesson in humanity. If that little soul can be this sensitive, then why can’t we?

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