Indrapal’s Story

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Indrapal belongs to Bachravan village in Raibareilly district. His family members include his parents and his five brothers. Everybody in the family was very affectionate towards each other. But this could not last for a very long time due to the sudden demise of the father. In order to bring up her children well, the mother had a second marriage which was not to the liking of her children.

Though the new father Dinesh was of calm nature but the children did not like him. The eldest son ran away from the house to Jammu and set up a shop at the railway station. The second brother Sukhrant also could not stay at home for a long time. He stole his mother’s jewelry and ran away. All this adversely affected Indrapal and he also ran away from home to reach Lucknow railway station. He started working in hotels and slept at platform and pavements. In his brother Sukhram’s company, Indrapal also developed the habit of stealing things and he continued this on the railway station as well.

During the course of his stay at the station he came into contact with Ehsaas. He stayed with the organization for almost a year. During this time he visited his home once but could not stay there and came back to Ehsaas. Indrapal took part in special training programs at Ehsaas. These programs aimed at building strong moral values in children like honesty, control, unity, and respect for elders. As time passed by, Indrapal realized the importance of family and hence requested to go back to his home. Today he is happily living with his family. His hatred towards his father also lessened.

True, it is difficult to understand a child’s mental state but it is important to try and understand their point of view. For instance, in this story Indrapal was under the wrong influence of his brothers due to which he also left his home without knowing the hardships of life he would face. So we should strive to give quality time to children in order to bridge the gap and understand their needs.



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