Chandbabu’s Story


Some time back, a three member team of Ehsaas was doing the rounds on platform number 3 of the Charbagh Railway station when they came across a child in worn-out clothes, fed up with hunger and face full of innocence. Our team members quickly came into touch with him and told him about the organization. After completing all the formalities at G.R.P, they brought him to the organization where such children were taken care of.  On enquiring with the child, he revealed his name to be Chandbabu, aged 12 years and belonging to Barabanki. He told us that his family members included four sisters and his mother. He had lost his father when he was 10 years old and the condition of his family was really bad.  Two of his sisters were already married and two were still left. His mother used to run a vegetable shop to earn her livelihood. Chandbabu used to help her mother in her daily work and he had never been to school.   Due to the lack of any monitoring at his home, he often used to get out of his home to roam around and then came back himself. So, one day he left his home with the same mindset and caught a train from the Barabanki Railway station. He eventually landed up at the Charbagh Railway station and upon reaching there had no clue about what to do next. He then caught the eye of Ehsaas members and he was brought to the Centre. He told them his story and expressed a desire to go back home. He stayed with the organization for three days till the time we got in touch with his family. During the course of his stay, he interacted with other children and he was taught various moral lessons on virtue and never to give up in the most difficult situations. He was inspired and motivated to stand on his own feet.  When he was handed over to his mother.  He realized that leaving his home without informing anyone could have proved costly and he promised not to leave his home again. Today, Chandbabu is living happily due to the learnings that he got from this incident and his stay at Ehsaas. He has understood his responsibilities towards his family and trying his best to fulfill them.

If children on the streets are recognized and helped at an early stage then they could be prevented from treading on the wrong path. Little do we know that how many such children face similar adversaries and run away from home to find comfort to eventually find that reality was quite different. Hence, it is our responsibility to help them become mentally strong so that their morale is always high.

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