About Ehsaas

How the Organisation Started

Ehsaas came into being with a group of individuals and organisations coming together, committed to make meaningful social change. The organization has representation of individuals from the government, corporate and social development sector. Ms Shachi Singh, the General Secretary of Ehsaas initiated her work with street children at Charbagh Station in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh. However, she was able to perceive the larger picture and envisioned an orgnisation who would work for the all round development of the disadvantaged children.

Doing away with project mode and limited approach, she and the team backed by committed board members developed an integrated approach.Ehsaas was registered in June 2002 with the distinct goal to work towards mainstreaming children in need of care and protection so that they can lead a life with dignity with no stigma attached.  Ehsaas has a strong belief that community participation would bring the desirable change in our society. It is one of the objectives of the organization, to create consciousness among the people about the violation of rights of children. This consciousness leads to easy assimilation of children back into the mainstream society.

The literal meaning of Ehsaas is realization. Ehsaas originated with the realization that there are many children living in difficult circumstances where their rights are violated everyday and we owe to them a society and systems that are child friendly and protective so that they can live their life with dignity.With a vision to be instrumental in creating a society that is child friendly, a group of like-minded individuals founded Ehsaas in 2002. Ever since its inception

Ehsaas has done pioneering work in the field of Child Rights in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Ehsaas over the years has grown not only to intervene directly with children who are in vulnerable or difficult circumstances but also to build capacity with others who directly or indirectly work with children.
As Ehsaas is involved in the issue of child rights at the child, societal, and state levels, it has been able to make
a dent, but we are fully aware that there is a long journey ahead of us. It hopes to develop self-sustainable and
long term programs. Ehsaas’s efforts in the past few years have been a signal that the protection of child
rights is an issue that cannot be forgotten and must be taken seriously by all!

To be instrumental in developing a society and systems that are child friendly and
To make sustainable rights based interventions at children, family, society and at
the policy level through participation to ensure all rights to children especially
those in difficult or vulnerable circumstances.


  • Every child is unique therefore should be treated with dignity and according to his /her individual needsand circumstances.
  • Maintain Transparency of policies and programs.
  • We believe in making the organisation and all beneficiaries self-reliant.
  • The Best Interest of the child to guide all actions.
  • Ensuring Child Rights is a shared responsibility of all concerned.
  • Enable children and supporters to contribute through service and sense of duty towards nation.


  • Children in difficult and vulnerable circumstances such as :
  • Children on the streets and railway platforms.
  • Children without responsible parental care and orphans.
  • Children in institutions
  • Child labourers or working children.
  • Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation of any form or are vulnerable to the same.

    WHAT WE DO… Ehsaas works towards ensuring the rights of children with a holistic approach with proper blend of services and campaigns for change …..We reunite children with their families…..

  • vWe provide temporary and permanent shelter for
  • homeless children……
  • vWe provide Counseling, Vocational Training and
  • Educational facilities for complete rehabilitation of
  • children we work with
  • vWe build capacities of families through skill
  • development programs so that they can take

better care of their children
vWe strengthen the protection net by building
capacities of stakeholders on Child Rights
through training programs
vWe conduct research and studies to build
knowledge base on children’s issues in Uttar
A holistic approach is the key to Ehsaas’s initiatives.
We work with multiple stakeholders’ participation
especially children. We provide more intensive support
for few rather than little support for many!



Nagar Nigam Shelter Home, Zone 5,
Geeta Palli, Behind Kanshiram Smarak Sthal, Lucknow 226005

F-2, Virat Khand,Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
E-mail ID : Phone: +91-8400888971/990, +91 7081104228

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